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Orchid Gurukul Junior College

*One with the World, One of a Kind*

Activity Rooms

Music room

Orchid Gurukul strongly believes in inculcating in each student to love and appreciate learning both vocal and instrumental music. It has a spacious and well-equipped music room to train students in Indian Classical as well as Western music. The students have a wide choice of musical instruments to choose from.

The Art and Craft room

The well - stocked, spacious art & craft room and a dedicated, highly skilled Art faculty provides ample opportunities for students to learn various skills in drawing, sketching, painting (nature drawing/ landscapes/still life/applied art), origami, papermace, decophage, embroidery and other handicrafts.

Sunday Art & Craft Club

The residential students experience an enriching and leisurely weekend. Saturday evenings are meant for kalaprakash, movie, quiz or a teacher presentation. Our school invites about four to five special arts and crafts teachers from Nashik town on Sundays for providing an intensive exposure to our children.

These sessions are conducted for the Orchid Gurukul students living in the hostels (Classes 3 to 6) in their hostels or in the arts and crafts classroom. The pace and content of these sessions is leisurely and with no pressure of any kind.

The house parents and house mothers of the hostels, who are keenly interested in the aesthetic development of children, assist the arts and crafts teachers of our school in this program. The outcome of these sessions is displayed on Monday mornings in the school in an informal manner for others to become aware.

For children more than Class 7 of the school could learn also on Sundays if they choose to do so. Special Art Demonstration Classes are conducting on Sundays specially for the Optional Art Students of Class 9,11 & 12

Carpentry & Clay work

Carpentry has been enhanced further this with the induction of an Assistant Faculty Member for this skill. We plan to introduce carpentry in a concerted manner during this term, viz. Term II, 2010-2011.

Performing Arts room

Dance, acting, public speaking and elocution are forms of expression. The Performing Arts room at Orchid Gurukul is specially designed to train students to use these media effectively which should, in turn, enable them to develop good communication skills.

Audio Visual room

Learning becomes effective when the sensory organs receive practical experience. Our Audio Visual room is formed to give practical (audio and visual) experience to the students.


"A healthy mind in a healthy body" - appreciating this old proverb, Orchid Gurukul aims at training the students with an effective form of exercise: yoga. We provide a spacious Yoga and Meditation room with trained teachers for our young minds to learn and attain tranquility.

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