Kalyani Charitable Trust's
Orchid Gurukul Junior College

*One with the World, One of a Kind*

Definition Of Logo

“All one needs is to spot talent and nurture it to let it blossom”

Orchid Gurukul's logo symbolize the process of enlightenment. The logo consists an Orchid flower, a Yogi, two concentric spheres, all encircled in a ribbon of stars. It is intellectually developed keeping in mind to include colors for natural powers of evergreen trees and the strength of water.

The innermost Orchid flower shows the compassion and wisdom. It blossoms to its fullest when a student puts down his energy to focused attention and hard work, like a Yogi engrosses and involves in 'Sadhana'.

The flying bird brings helps to spring out wisdom of your soul and make it visible to the entire world.

The two concentric spheres denote the binding mind and physical world, and when you acquire this wisdom, the stars studded galaxy of success is all for you.

Orchid Gurukul logo colors promises to the believers and achievers to bring joyful colors in their life.

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